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Member Code of Conduct

The Carriage Trade Association of San Francisco was established for the purpose of offering its members a forum to deal with the many aspects of the upscale travel market.  As such, the association is committed to encourage and uphold the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and integrity for the benefit of its clients and suppliers.

By joining our membership rolls, you agree to support that Mission by following a few common-sense guidelines:


  • Members are expected to actively participate in meetings. Please make attending a majority of the meetings a priority, and show up promptly.

  • Please be sure to RSVP for meetings, this helps us understand our catering needs and when we may meet our maximum room occupancy.



  • Treat others with respect at all times. The Carriage Trade Association does not tolerate any aggressive, provocative, disruptive, or inappropriate behavior.

  • Provide positive feedback and assistance to others as you can expect to receive in turn.

  • Respect the time of our presenters, by avoiding distracting other members with sidebar conversations.  We always make time for question and answer at the end of the meeting.

  • Mobile devices should be silenced during our discussion period to avoid distracting the presenter or the member enjoyment of the discussions.



  • Honor the efforts of your fellow members by investing the time and attention necessary to participate fully with the organization.

  • Abide by the decisions of the leadership, including the board, regarding initiatives and programming.

  • Ensure all comments during our meetings are of a professional nature, and purposed specifically to the conversation at hand.  Personal comments should be confined to individual conversations with the presenter.

  • Content from confidential meetings, including board meetings, should not be shared outside of the specific group associated with that meeting. 



  • Pay the requested dues within a reasonable (no more than 3 months post-notice) period of time once dues notices are posted.



  • Any behavior that is inconsistent with the Code of Conduct will be brought to the attention of the member.

  • If necessary, the member’s association with the organization may be suspended or terminated.

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