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The Carriage Trade Association was created for the purpose of offering its members a forum to deal with the many aspects of the upscale travel market.  The C.T.A. is a non-profit organization initially incorporated in the State of California in 1985, with its main office in San Francisco.

The association is committed to encourage and uphold the highest standards of

professionalism, ethics and integrity for the benefit of its clients and suppliers. Scheduled monthly meetings (for the Board) & bi-monthly (for the General membership), special sessions, worldwide investigative trips and on-site inspections provide an on-going source of knowledge that not only update resources of the association's members, but also contribute to the discovery of new properties, suppliers and destinations. By uniquely placing themselves in the vanguard of innovative travel, the association is in a position to assist suppliers with the creation and evolution of their products. It should be noted that members of the association already serve on many prestigious travel industry advisory boards.

As a by-product of its activities, the association has developed a close relationship with premier quality travel suppliers, many of whom have been awarded with the CTA Preferred Supplier designation. This has resulted in special advantages and opportunities for the benefit of their clients. In return, CTA members are pledged to give their total support to the designated CTA Preferred Suppliers.

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